Our programme is an intensive, 18-24 month programme that is challenging on your mind as well as your body.   

All applicants must pass an entrance assessment. You will need to demonstrate a basic understanding and execution of beginner to intermediate level pilates exercises.  Your assessment is not intended as a private lesson but rather an assessment of your current knowledge and technique of the pilates method.

Please note that submitting an application and attending an entrance assessment does not automatically enrol you into our programme and you must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the exercises in the pilates system up to and including the intermediate work, along with apparatus used in the pilates method, on the day of your assessment.  

For the avoidance of doubt, most applicants will have completed a minimum of 80 private lessons with our teachers at our studio to be able to reach the level of proficiency required to participate in our comprehensive apprenticeship.

You will need to have completed your entrance assessment no later than November 2017 for consideration to enter our January 2018 programme.


To help you further prepare for your entrance assessment, we have planned two pre-training masterclasses.  These are not required but are intended to help you prepare for your assessment and therefore recommended.  You may also elect to take private lessons with our instructors to help you prepare.