Your teacher training courses have helped to break things down - our apprentice programme puts it all back together to help you become a more powerful, transformative teacher.

Our Apprentice Programme was set up to help our learners (and new teachers from other providers) put into practice, knowledge gained throughout the teacher training process.  Emphasis is on using pilates as a method, to help you and your clients achieve amazing results.  Our Apprentice Programme is suitable for anyone who has recently completed their comprehensive teacher training as well as those who have been teaching a while and want to improve their teaching - perhaps having that 'and now what?' feeling.  We're here to give you the 'what' and the 'why'.

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and are tailored to your circumstances.

Required Hours:

  • Private Tuition Hours:  60hrs
  • Student Teaching:  90hrs 
  • Observation Hours:  40hrs
  • 2 Written Essays
  • Practical Exam

Pre-requisite(s):  A (recent or not so recent) comprehensive qualification from a reputable provider, completed application and interview/assessment with programme director.

Cost:  £1,440 (VAT incl.)*

*Additional 1-to-1 sessions or group classes can be purchased at regular student rates.