4-Week "Teaser Achiever" Masterclass Series
9:00 AM09:00

4-Week "Teaser Achiever" Masterclass Series

The Teaser is one of those pilates exercises that once achieved, gives you a great sense of accomplishment and deeper insight into the pilates method as a whole.

In our 4-Week “Teaser Achiever” Masterclass Series, we will look at how your current practice builds up to this powerful exercise and once achieved, how we can incorporate this the teaser to add challenge and address imbalances for healthy bodies at any level of practice. We just can’t wait to kick off our very first master class series with this amazing exercise!

This Masterclass Series meets at 9am on Saturdays as follows:

  • Saturday 7 October
  • Saturday 14 October
  • Saturday 21 October
  • Saturday 28 October

Cost:  £100 for the 4 week course

*This masterclass series is suitable for healthy, experienced students.

**Please note that your registration fee registers you for all and only the dates/times listed above.

***Only cancellations received more than 24hr before the series start date are eligible for a refund. If you neglect to cancel your registration more than 24hrs in advance of the series start date or are not able to make any of the dates of the course once it has started, you will not receive any refund.


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Pre-Training: The Beginner Matwork Series
11:00 AM11:00

Pre-Training: The Beginner Matwork Series

Our pre-training masterclasses are open to those interested in joining our apprenticeship programme as well as our clients looking to improve their technique and form.

This  1.5 hour Masterclass run by Dawne, focuses on Mat Beginner Level exercises including:

  • The Hundred

  • Roll Up

  • Single Leg Circles

  • Rolling Like a Ball

  • Single Leg Stretch

  • Double Leg Stretch

  • Spine Stretch

This class would be a great addition to your regular Pilates practice as you improve your technique and form- you will see better quality movement throughout the entire method with a few tweaks here and there. 

For those planning to join our Apprentice Programme in January 2018, this Masterclass will help you prepare for your assessment (it is not required, but recommended).

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Keeping It Connected:  Reformer Transitions
5:30 PM17:30

Keeping It Connected: Reformer Transitions

Move faster and more smoothly through your reformer order for a seamless, challenging workout.

Our 1.5hr "Keeping It Connected" Masterclass, will focus on the magic that happens between the exercises in our beginner and intermediate 1 reformer workouts, when we stay connected. 

Work deeper and elevate your practice of Joe Pilates' exercises with strong, purposeful movements designed to connect the exercises to each other and to keep you connected to your core. 

Excellent for beginners to intermediate 1 level practitioners, as well as anyone looking to elevate their practice.

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