Small in size but big in personal attention, our group studio workouts are offered in the tradition of Joe Pilates’ original studio in New York.  Work at a pace that is comfortable and challenging for you, while you enjoy the full breadth and depth of the classical pilates repertoire, utilising all of our large (and small) studio equipment.  

 bP Group Studio Classes allow you to experience the classical pilates method with a bespoke programme of exercises designed to your needs and specific goals with individually taught sessions, where one of our experienced instructors works with up to 4 clients at the same time, to help you to gain mastery over your own movement and experience the lasting results of a focused pilates practice.  

How to make the most of our bP Group Studio Classes in 3 Simple Steps...

  1. Focus on the beginner exercises plus any additional exercises that are part of YOUR programme that you learn in your bP Induction Sessions. These are your foundational movements, which will carry through into more advanced work.  
  2. Gain confidence with the set up/clean up of equipment/props and safety.
  3. Welcome your independence and come to your group training session ready for an awesome workout, driven by you.  You will learn from your instructor, other clients, and most importantly YOU as you progress through the pilates method for lasting change!  

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New to bePilates?  

All new clients must complete a minimum of 3 Induction Private sessions (special rate:  £180) before joining any of our bP Group Studio Classes or Apprentice Led Classes to help you understand more about the method and for us to understand how to build your programme. 


Get better acquainted with our studio, apparatus and foundational pilates movements as we develop your programme, with our bP Studio Induction Pack.

Please note that everyone must complete 3 Induction Private Sessions before they can join any of our group studio sessions, regardless of past experience.

*This package is valid 1 month from the date of purchase.