bePilates is a fully equipped, classical pilates studio, located in Marylebone - just steps from the Baker Street tube station.   

Our home, a spacious, light-filled studio inspires both vitality and serenity, welcoming the novice and experienced Pilates practitioner alike.

We offer  bP studio sessions (4-to-1), as well as 1-to-1 and 2-to-1 sessions that can be scheduled at your convenience, to enhance whole body performance and optimise your well-being.  Monthly masterclasses offer deeper insight into the form and function of each exercise to help you make the most of the method and progress your practice.

Our studio embraces quality of movement over quantity of mindless repetitions to offer students whole body workouts that improve strength, flexibility, coordination and posture.  

Our inspiring teachers come from many branches of the pilates tree, to give you a balanced approach to your pilates practice.   We aim to provide you a solid foundation in the principles that make pilates such a successful method at sculpting bodies while experiencing a challenging workout that will change your body in lasting ways

March Masterclass

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