The awareness of movement.

written by Seb- Osteopath & Injury Rehabilitation Therapist

written by Seb- Osteopath & Injury Rehabilitation Therapist


There is a current bombardment of information coming from the press and fitness companies promoting images of seemingly perfect bodies and telling us how we should and could have that ‘six pack body’.

Many forms of promotion in the health and fitness industry are based on the boom and bust approach to health. Either you’ve got it and will make it, or you haven’t and you won’t. The message here, although with good intention can be destructive. It is an approach to health and fitness which is in line with how we live in the 21st century. Pressure to succeed, installation of the ‘fear of failure’ method of motivation.

We live our lives at an ever increasing pace which is having a hugely detrimental effect on how our bodies withstand the inevitable stressors which are placed upon us. The human body is so robust and adaptable, hence one of its biggest strengths also exposes its largest vulnerability.

Coping, we are……but sub optimally. This state of suppression can lead to issues with our organs (viscera) and structural system (muscle and bones) and may leads to a state of chronic inflammation.

From an acute pain standpoint, inflammation is a vital part of the healing process, however when inflammation becomes chronic, it can harm us not just physically but psychologically. This state is often maintained by the detrimental cycle of environmental toxins (pollution), excessive work and life stress, and poor dietary and exercise choices.

So what are our choices. The fitness and well-being industry now is inundated with high intensity exercise classes all claiming to ‘blast the fat’ with innovative fat burning science. These classes require individuals to have a degree of competency in relation to fitness levels, to be able to cope with the bombardment of exercises thrown at them, however often people are not physically at the level required. This creates a problem. A cycle of high work stress countered with high stress exercise. This is not a recipe for balance and optimal well-being.

To counter this extreme approach to exercise and fitness coaching which has saturated the industry at large, a movement following based on restoration and complete relaxation has grown. From this, various specialities have blossomed with associations from thousands of years ago. These include mindfulness, meditation, breathing and stress management classes.

Below is a common cycle which will sound familiar to many people….

  • High work load and stress

  • Combat this work frustration with HIIT (High intensity interval exercise) exercise

  • Reach a state of physical and mental exhaustion

  • Seek body restoration and relaxation to restore health

  • Feel strong again

  • The cycle continues with the perceived ability to be able to manage high work stress and process starts again.


The message here is one of AWARENESS! Don’t get drowned into people telling you what you should be doing. Top coaches, movement and pain specialists should be working ultimately with the goal to increase your body awareness and internal strategies for living in the 21st century with optimal health. This is an active process meaning it’s a 2-way street. You get out what you put in! This is healthcare facilitation. A sustainable approach for maintaining good health and vitality.

Listening to your body and doing what seems appropriate for you at the time is hugely important. That maybe a gentle swim, a 20-minute fast jog, Tai Chi, Breathing exercises, 2-hour cycle or even rest. By having an intrinsic awareness of how the body feels and adapting your movement / training program as required you are far more likely to be able to sustain a sense of homeostasis, which will allow you to cope with the stressors of modern life.

bePilates working together with Seb (Paradigm Health) offers personal programs of assessment and treatment completely tailored to clients needs. By integrating the osteopathic principles of health with leading scientific research, our Clinical Conditioning and Personal Training programme, help you treat/manage pain and help you to achieve new heights of physical fitness and well-being . 

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