bePilates- The Presentation of Studio Equipment.

Joseph Pilates created many pieces of equipment to be used with his method of body conditioning, including the reformer, trapeze table, chairs and mat, which are the most commonly used pieces of apparatus in studios, but for sure, do not represent all of Joseph Pilates’ original designs.  Usually, when we get asked to compare different types of pilates, what is often considered different types of pilates is really a comparison of the different types of pilates equipment. So, to get us started, here is the presentation of all equipment you can find in our bePilates studio:


Reformer and Tower Combo

It offers you a new type of fun versatile workout where you will be working in all planes of resistance being challenged not only by the reformer springs by also by the roll up bar, push through bar as well as the arm and leg springs which attach to the tower. Fun, full body workout will make you re-ignite your core, lengthen your spine and bounce off the platform. Not be missed!

The ExoChair

The Exo Chair, is based off of the original design of Joseph Pilates’ Wunda Chair. The Wunda Chair was originally designed as a home exercise machine that served as both a piece of workout equipment that you could perform your Pilates exercises on, as well as a functional piece of furniture you could sit on and use in your home. Joe used the chair to rehabilitate clients with knee injuries and to train more advanced clients in full-bodied, acrobatic exercises. Joe’s background in gymnastics was reflected most clearly in the chair exercises. Men often preferred this apparatus because of its emphasis on upper-body strength.

There have been many modifications and adjustments made to the chair over time.The current model at bePilates consists of a seat, a split pedal, and springs attached to the pedal that can adjust in resistance. Our chairs also have the capability to add on a Functional Resistance Kit that increases the amount of full body movements you can perform on it.


A traditional piece of equipment originally designed by Joseph Pilates. There is no better tool that exists for developing scapular stability and functional upper body strength, and for improving upper body posture.

Great for clients at any level and especially appealing to men, the Arm Chair develops upper body strength with scapular stability, and effectively integrates core and upper body work.

It is very useful for correcting posture for those who work at a desk all day, for professional athletes and for seniors working to improve posture and maintain strong bones.

The comfortable, stable seat provides support and proprioceptive feedback to the upper body during arm exercises. Two sets of springs give you the flexibility you need for any client.

The Mat

The exercises in mat Pilates focus on strengthening the muscles of the hips, back, abdominals, and glutes or what is known in Pilates as the powerhouse. The exercises look simple but require stabilization of the torso and focused effort to keep the abdominals contracted and working throughout the exercises. Popular exercises like the hundred strengthens the abdominals by holding a curled abdominal position while pumping the arms.

The Guillotine Tower

The Guillotine Tower was a fundamental piece of equipment in the original New York Pilates Studio. During elder Ron Fletcher’s years of study with Joe and Clara, he learned the incredible value of this seemingly straightforward apparatus. He embraced the value of the Guillotine Tower during his years of study with Joe and Clara, because it:

  • Creates a remarkable environment for developing mobility and strength of the hips and spine.
  • Provides incredible feedback. Clients can see when they are out of alignment, which makes it a great assessment tool for stability, flexibility and articulation

Some have adapted traditional Guillotine Tower exercises to the Cadillac. However, the arc of the Cadillac’s push-through bar doesn’t provide the same pelvic stabilization and spinal articulation provided by the vertical line of the Guillotine Tower. The vertical slider allows clients with limited hamstring and lower-back flexibility (like your male clients) to experience the full benefit of these exercises.


Trapeze table also known as the Cadillac

It is a raised horizontal table top surrounded by a four-poster canopy frame on which various bars, straps, and spring levers are fixed. A tremendous variety of exercises can be performed on the Trapeze Table. From gentle, spring assisted sit-ups, post rehab to advanced acrobatics; the trapeze table offers exercises for all ages and abilities. The Cadillac will challenge you in different planes of motion offering you a complete head to toe full body workout.

Ladder barrel

Ladder Barrels are designed to operate the core muscles, challenging the postural muscles, with emphasis on strengthening and improving range of movement whilst developing spinal flexibility and lengthening the muscles. Exercises performed on this equipment, challenge the abdominal and waist muscles and strengthen the spinal cord.

The Pilates Ped-o-pull

It is a unique piece of Pilates equipment that you may have never even heard of. The Ped-o-pull consists of pedopulla base platform and an upright pole that has two springs with handles. Participants stand on the platform, centre themselves against the pole and then use the handles attached to the spring to do various exercises.

Like many of Joseph Pilates’ pieces of equipment it is simple yet genius, because of its ability to challenge the body to create efficient, balanced movement.  The exercises you can practice on the Ped-o-Pull range from simple to quite advanced.



Movement on the roller or more than a roller combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight resistances giving you the versatility to your workout. The MOTR offers you limitless workouts challenging you with balance, strength, cardio, agility and core. It is also great for adding safe functional movement to your day to day workout! 



BODHI suspension system includes two independent ropes which, when installed, create four suspension points. The Bodhi offers a dynamic workout that will challenge your core strength, stability, dynamic flexibility and proprioception.It's an ideal complement to Pilates for those wanting to maximise their core training.


If you would like to experience movement on our equipment (either as a group set up or as a private session) please go to 'Schedule' tab on our website to book your place or give us a call/drop an email in case you need any further assistance :)