The Power of Pilates.

A lot of clients ask me if doing a regular Pilates workout could change the shape of their body. The answer is yes, but only if incorporated with a healthy diet and regular cardio exercise.  Doing pilates several days a week will help to tone your body and make your muscles longer and leaner over time.

Pilates is a first port of call for professional dancers. Dancers use it as part of their conditioning programme as well as a daily workout to help them with strength and stability. While it's unrealistic to expect to look like a professional dancer after several months of practicing pilates, you can certainly work toward improving your posture and making your body more svelte and lean.

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What Does Pilates Do?

Pilates uses controlled movements, primarily focused in your "core" (also referred to as a trunk or torso) to build body strength, flexibility and endurance. It's a body conditioning routine that won't result in bulky muscles.

So if you are after big bulky muscles, perhaps Pilates is not the best workout in achieving your goals.

Instead, the movements are designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles all at the same time. The most common form of pilates is mat-based.  In a mat class a series of movements are used to work on the entire body.  The exercises are performed on a mat using your own body weight and gravity as part of the resistance.  Other forms of Pilates include the use of specifically designed apparatus where springs and pulleys are used to create an even resistance. Whatever the form you choose to go with, Pilates has the power to dramatically transform the way your body looks. 

It will give you a sleek, toned body with a flat abdomen and slender thighs in addition to better posture.  

So Why Choose Pilates?

Many times we tend to focus our workout efforts around cardio based exercises. Pilates is a great choice because you can obtain a full body sculpting effect in just a single session. Especially if you find weight lifting equipment in your local gym intimidating or boring.

Pilates is a great alternative for any sort of muscle toning you are looking to accomplish. If you haven't taken a class, try one and see. At bePilates we have many classes that cater for all levels. We cover all bases from classical to contemporary mat Pilates and house all of the different types of equipment your body could every want or need for a great workout.  We also have Pilates inspired workouts, such as BODHI and MOTR (more about those) in my next blog. In the meantime why don't you visit our website and book your first class today!