The ultimate workout with Marta (Reformer and Bodhi Suspension System).

Recently here at bePilates, we have been busy designing new classes to give you amazing full-body workouts. Check out our Reformer Remix classes for fresh, new contemporary classes.  Already getting great reviews, check out Marta's Reformer Remix class that blends the Reformer exercises we love and Bodhi Suspension Training exercises together to give you a fantastic pilates inspired workout.  Read on to find out more about this fun, challenging and effective new class.

The reformer is a brilliant piece of equipment designed to universally reform the body.  Like Pilates mat work, the exercises on the reformer will help you build overall strength; increase mobility, flexibility and, endurance; promote optimal balance and alignment and create healthy joints and a happy spine. While Pilates on the mat sees the body working against gravity, the reformer machine takes it up a notch by adding springs to create further resistance to challenge the body.

The Bodhi works with gravity in new and unusual ways. Our ability to “suspend” and to lift against force of gravity starts with upright optimal positioning where the muscles and soft tissue are in balance with the alignment of our bony framework. As a result, strain and stress, are minimised and the ability to anticipate, navigate and adapt to work is maximised. The Bodhi has two independent suspension points from above and four potential suspension points for the limbs, the system allows for great variability, creativity and application of whole body dynamic and fluid movement.




Footwork (resistance medium to heavy) 8-10 reps    

-Parallel heels,    

-Parallel toes,  

-V-position toes    

-Open V heels  

-Open V toes    

-Calf raises    


-Single leg heel

-Single leg toes    

Abdominal work (resistance light to medium) 8 reps  

-Hundred prep    



Hip work (feet in straps, resistance light to medium) 8 reps    


-Circles (down/Up)    


Bodhi Suspension System    

Upper body standing-facing the anchor (10 reps)    

-Shoulder blades isolation    

-Rows wide and narrow    

-Bicep curls    

-Reverse curls  


Upper body standing-standing sideways    

-Lat rock with obliques 6 reps of each both sides  

-Lat rock with triceps 6 reps both sides

-Side bend obliques


Lower body standing-facing side  

-Side knee bends (add heel lift and pulses 12 reps)  

-Tick tock with side leg series (leg lift & circles 6reps on each leg)  


Upper body standing-facing the anchor    

-Standing leg squat 12 reps    

-Standing leg squat (adding heel lift 12 reps)    

-Single leg squat 6 reps  

 -Low squat for decompression of spine


Bridge power-  supine with legs under the anchor    

-Hovering neutral bridge bent knee (parallel, internal external rotation 5 reps)    

-Hovering neutral bridge with legs straight (leg fans, double and single, passed parallel)    


Spinal articulation- supine; feet in loops& under the anchor (6-8 reps)  

-Roll up,     

-Rolling like a ball    


-Single leg stretch(Kick) with obliques    


Plank- feet in loops&under the anchor facing away    

-Hover scapular isolation into hover     

-Hover rock     

-Hover leg fan into single leg fans 6 reps of each    

-Plank crunch 10 reps    

-Plank running 10 reps    

-Oblique crunch 10 reps

 Finishing movements

Rest (Child pose)

Spinal extension-facing the anchor hands in loops

-Swan 6 reps

-Swan with opposite arm reach 6 reps

Lateral line-seated sideways in front of anchor

-Side stretch 1 & 2- 4 reps on each side

-Side stretch 3 with leg extension optional 5 reps



*** If you would like to experience our fun, new, contemporary workout that will transform your body - Marta is available in our bePilates studio every week from Monday to Saturday. Please check our online schedule or contact us to find the best possible option for you to join group class or private session with Marta.