How To Improve Posture at Home- Part 2

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When there’s no room to roll out your mat,  the wall exercises are perfect solution for spine lengthening, posture improving workout. Combining matwork with exercises using optional arm weights, the wall becomes a teaching tool for beginners and more advanced participants who would like to create positive changes in their bodies.

In short:

  • It helps to take the Pilates principles into daily life.
  • It’s a simple and effective way to improve your posture using your own body weight. 
  • It is great for scoliosis and back pain, it straightens and strengthens the spine.
  • It can be done at least every day, even multiple times.


Wall Series: Wall Slides

Goal: This exercise strengthens quadriceps or upper thigh muscles as well as the abdominals.

How: Stand against the wall with feet one large step away. Legs in parallel about hip width. Align spine firmly against wall and lengthen from tailbone to head. Navel drawn in and up and breathe naturally. Slide down the wall into a squat as arms are raised to shoulder height. Hold position for 3-5 counts (30 to 60 seconds) Slide up and return arms to the sides. 

Critical points:

• Initiate slide up from Powerhouse and move smoothly and evenly.

• Slightly tuck chin to back of head to lengthen the neck.

• Knees track and directly over toes.


Soften knees or start with feet further away to keep lower back flush against the wall. Allow head to come away from wall to start.


Wall Series: One Leg Slide

Goal: This exercise strengthens the legs unilaterally while improves alignment and balance. 

How: Set up for wall Series: Squat / Chair. Extend one leg. Hold position for 3-5 counts (30 to 60 seconds) Slide up the wall with the extended leg as arms return to the sides. Switch leg. Repeat 3 times/each leg.

Critical points:

• Keep shoulder and head in contact with wall.

• Lengthen the spine in both directions

• Focus on the alignment through hips, knees, and toes.


Wall Series: Squat / Chair

Goal: This exercise strengthens the legs bilaterally with added element of posture, the perfect exercise to strengthen your upper legs (strengthening your thighs can also prevent injuries such as runner's knee).

How: Set up for Wall Series: Wall Slides. Breathe naturally throughout; hold the squat Hold a position where the hips and knees are at 90 degrees angle. Hold position for 3-5 counts (30 to 60 seconds).

Critical points:

• Maintain squat to the lowest point, looks like sitting in a chair.

• Anchor entire length of spine including the tail bone to the wall.

• Adjust feet position so knees are directly over and not beyond toes.


To make this move more challenging, alternate between lifting your left heel for a few seconds and then your right. This helps to target your calves.