Welcome to bePilates- a new home for Gratz equipment!

Written by: Jenny (bePilates instructor)

Our spankin’ new Gratz equipments are here!

As someone who has practiced and taught on a variety of brands, I am personally excited about the new equipments not only because I see a difference in my body with Gratz but also it improves my teaching skills as an instructor. 

Why have we changed to Gratz?

Each manufacturer makes their equipment that serves their school of thought.  Gratz adheres to Joe’s original version that equipment should challenge the body to achieve the ideal trinity of strength, alignment, and flexibility. As a classical pilates studio, we sought to preserve Joe’s pioneering vision by using the maker that Joe himself approached to reproduce his inventions. After his death, Gratz continues to work with Joe’s first generation of pupils to preserve the original dimensions and proportions (well..their slogan really says it all: “He invented it. We make it.”).

How would you feel on it?

Whether you are a novice or seasoned practitioner, you will feel an immediate difference on and after the session on any Gratz apparatus. In the beginning, it might be love/hate relationship but those who do the classical work learn to appreciate Gratz with time.  

For example on the reformer, you will instantly notice the carriage is stiff and this rigidity demands the body not only to work pass its own body weight but also to confront the resistance of the carriage. Furthermore, the last inch to shut the carriage is barely supported by springs; this drives the body to pursue a deeper and harder powerhouse connection to close the carriage completely.  With the leather straps, you have to use proper shoulder mechanics for all of your arm work and figure out how to mechanically coordinate moving the arms and shoulders and the spine. So in reality,  your body has to do the work to move the machine. More over, all Gratz equipment are within the same dimensions, for example, the width of the reformer mirrors the width of the Cadillac exactly, this attention to detail allows any students to carry Joe’s Method from one apparatus to another without disrupting the flow. 

Here is some feedback from our clients:

Nina (practicing Pilates in our studio since 2016):

"Gratz machines are very challenging and definitely, you can not cheat on them...But the plus is- you get much more out of your workout, so I love it!"

Terry (our client since March 2017):

"Gratz equipment is quite resistant and you need more strength to move on it. I definitely feel the difference it makes to my practice. "

Now, lets marvel at Gratz undeniable craftsmanship!

We invite you to visit our studio to feel the magic of Gratz and experience classical Pilates workout!