small in size, big in personal attention, you will progress in your practice with structured, customised sessions.

newcomers will learn:

  • the classical pilates beginner mat and reformer series

  • additional individual exercises on classical pilates apparatus and props:  the cadillac, ladder barrel, spine corrector, electric chair, wunda chair, arm chair, magic circle, arm weights, foot and toe corrector, and more…

more experienced students will continue to develop their practice with new exercises and refined techniques introduced as proficiency and confidence grows.

fall group practice schedule:

mondays and fridays: 9:30am / 9:45am / 10am

mondays, Tuesdays and thursdays: 6:30pm / 6:45pm / 7pm

*Monday 30 September group practice will be at 11am only

**there will be no group practice on thursday 10 october

***we are closed for half-term from 28 october - 1 november

driven by you - guided by our teachers - created by joe.

experience how powerful the pilates method can be when you develop a strong practice built around you.

group practice: prices

single lesson:  £32 (for use within 1 month of purchase)

5 pack of lessons: £125 (for use within 2 months of purchase)

10 pack of lessons:  £200 (for use within 3 months of purchase)

Please note the expiration of your purchase. additional terms and conditions apply. please make sure you have read and understand our policies before you make you purchase and book your place.

Group practice: what to expect

getting started

each start time allows up to 2 students to register, so if you register at 6pm on a tuesday, there might be another student starting at that time, with up to 2 more starting at 6:15pm and up to 2 more starting 6:45pm. Your practice will end at 7pm and the others will carry on until their practice hour is completed.

How it works

if you are new to pilates or just new to the classical pilates method, you will start with foundational exercises that are considered safe for most bodies, while building strength and mastering techniques necessary to advance in your practice. Make no mistake, foundational does not mean easy - it just means that you will see the skills you gain here challenged again and again throughout the system as you grow.

The more experienced practitioner will have a knowledge of their “order” and the skills they are working on with additional exercises and apparatus introduced as needed.

Why it works

Learning any new skill requires patience and repetition.

Rather than make up random sequences each week to entertain you, we want you to experience all of the benefits of the classical system as it was designed. This means that you will repeat exercises each lesson with new exercises and apparatus only being introduced once competence is achieved

we teach you pilates.

You will learn a system of exercise created by Joseph pilates and passed down by two generations. When you take lessons at our studio, you are not only learning from our experienced teachers but from the collective wisdom of the pilates system as it was designed by its creator and taught to us.