Our Comprehensive Apprenticeship Programme (600+ hours minimum training) is comprised of four sections:

  1. Beginner

  2. Intermediate 1

  3. Intermediate 2

  4. Advanced

Total Hours: 600+ hours
Cost: £4995 (£3995 plus £1000 deposit)

You will progress through our apprentice programme by successfully completing the following requirements:

Syllabus Workshops (102hrs)

Our system workshops (beginner, intermediate 1, intermediate 2 and advanced) include all of the exercises and apparatus used in the classical pilates system. 

You will learn choreography, purpose, order and transitions.  You will also learn exercise regressions/progressions at each level, common modifications, equipment set-up, safety and maintenance.  Hands on teaching techniques and assists, as well as instructor safety, are included throughout our programme.

case study workshops (32hrs)

Case study workshops are conveniently scheduled following each syllabus workshop to help you better learn how to use the whole system for a variety of students.

Apprentice Workshops (28hrs)

Apprentice workshops are included in your programme, following each case-study workshop to provide an opportunity to come together to address questions/concerns that may come up and to build on skills and techniques learned throughout the programme.

Teacher Classes (10hrs)

Teacher classes are a great way to enjoy the fun and energy of a team workout.

10 teacher classes are included in the cost of your apprenticeship registration.  These classes are scheduled once a month in the studio throughout your programme.  You do not have to come to every one - but you do need to complete 10 before you can take your final test-out.  We recommend booking these when you register, so that you are confident you will meet this requirement. 

Assessments (8hrs)

We have practical assessments throughout the programme to check on your progress at the beginner, intermediate 1 and intermediate 2 levels, as well as a final test out (which will include advanced exercises and techniques) that you will complete once you have completed all of the requirements for our apprentice programme.  The deadline for each assessment is below:

  • Beginner System Assessment: April 2019

  • Intermediate 1 System Assessment: August 2019

  • Intermediate 2 System Assessment: December 2019

  • Final Assessment: December 2020

Private Lessons (30hrs)

30 private lessons with Dawne are included with your apprenticeship registration and should be allocated at regular intervals throughout your training.  You will book these lessons when you register.

Self-Practice (190hrs)

Self-practice hours include observation, self-study and practice teaching hours with fellow apprentices.  You are required to complete 10 hours of self-practice each month but of course, you are always encouraged to do more - additional self-practice hours can be assigned at no-cost, but do not count towards your total once you have reached your 10-hour goal for the month, meaning they can't be carried forward to applied retrospectively.  

Apprentice Teaching (200hrs)*

Following successful completion of your intermediate 2 assessment, you will start teaching as an apprentice in the studio.  You are required to complete 200 apprentice teaching hours at the studio before you can take your final assessment and receive your certificate of completion. 

*You will be paid £10 per hour for your apprentice teaching work.

comprehensive apprenticeship entrance requirements:

  1. Application and paid £120 non-refundable application fee.

  2. Successfully Pass Entrance Assessment.

  3. Pay Non-refundable Deposit (£1,000).

  4. Confirm Registration by Paying Balance (£3995). *due no less than 1 month before the programme start date*