Application & Assessment Fee (Non-Refundable)

Application & Assessment Fee (Non-Refundable)


Our apprenticeship is an intensive, 18-24 month programme that is challenging for your mind and body.

All applicants must submit an initial application and pass an entrance assessment.

You will need to demonstrate a basic understanding and execution of beginner to intermediate level pilates exercises before you will be considered for a place in our apprenticeship programme.

For the avoidance of doubt, most applicants will have completed a minimum of 80 private lessons with our teachers at our studio to be able to reach the level of proficiency required to participate in our comprehensive apprenticeship.

Your 1.5 hour assessment will include a 1hr workout followed by a 30 minute interview with Dawne. You will be evaluated on:

  • your knowledge of, order and execution of the full intermediate reformer and mat series; and

  • appropriateness of exercise selection for your workout.

You will receive written feedback and our decision following your assessment.

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booking policy

  1. You will be prompted to complete your application once you complete your purchase via our online store. 
  2. Once we receive your application, we will be in touch within 24hr to schedule your assessment.  
  3. Assessments are booked on a first-come-first-served basis, meaning your lesson is only confirmed once payment is received.  
  4. If we do not receive payment for your assessment more than 24hrs before the scheduled day/time of your assessment, it will be released and available for another student to book.
  5. You will need to attend your assessment within 3 months of the date of purchase, or before the January 2019 programme start date, whichever is first.
  6. Please only apply and book your assessment once you have read and understood the requirements of the programme.  Please call us to discuss if you have any questions (020 7935 1315).


  1. If you give us more than 24hrs notice to cancel or reschedule your assessment it will be available to book at another date before it's expiry. 
  2. If you neglect to give us more than 24hrs notice to cancel or reschedule your assessment, it will be treated as having been used whether or not you attend and you will not be entitled to reschedule. 
  3. If we have to cancel your assessment, for any reason (such as teacher illness or emergency), we will do our best to give you advance notice and in such instances, you will be able to re-book your assessment and the expiry date of your purchase will be extended 14 days.  It is your responsibility to make sure we have the best way to contact you to notify you of cancellations.

your purchase

  1. Your assessment fee entitles you to one 1.5 hr assessment and application to our apprentice programme starting January 2019.  If you are not successful in your first attempt, you may schedule another assessment at standard rates following more preparation.
  2. Your assessment is with Dawne. This means that in the event that Dawne is unavailable, your lesson cannot be taken with another teacher. 
  3. Please schedule your assessment at time of purchase.
  4. Please note that submitting an application and attending an entrance assessment does not automatically enrol you into our programme.  You must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the exercises in the pilates system up to and including the intermediate work, along with apparatus used in the pilates method on the day of your assessment. 


  1. You cannot transfer un-used assessment purchase to another candidate.
  2. No refunds or extensions will be given for an expired, un-used assessment purchase.  
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not offer refunds on application and assessment purchases.

by making your purchase you acknowledge and accept these terms.