Deposit (Non-Refundable)

Deposit (Non-Refundable)


Upon completion of a successful entrance assessment, you will be required to provide a £1000 non-refundable deposit to secure your place on our upcoming programme.

Full payment must be received no later than 1-month from the January 2019 programme start date.

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  1. When you pay your non-refundable deposit, you are registering your place in our apprenticeship course, starting January 2019, and you acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of our programme, which can be found on the registration page.
  2. Your place will be confirmed only when full payment is received.

no shows/cancellations

  1. In the event that you cancel your registration or neglect to confirm your place more than 1-month in advance of the January 2019 start date, your deposit will not be refunded.


  1. This deposit is applied strictly against your registration fees for our apprenticeship course starting January 2019.


  1. Your deposit is non-refundable.

by making your purchase you acknowledge and accept these terms.