private lessons: schedule

private lessons: prices (1-to-1 lessons)

single lesson with dawne:  £75

5 pack of lessons with dawne: £312.50

10 pack of lessons with dawne:  £500

*NEW students - don’t forget to use coupon code new when you check out online to get £15 off your first 1-to-1 lesson with dawne!

**to schedule/enquire about skype lessons with dawne, please contact us at


single lesson with dee:  £65

5 pack of lessons with dee: £300

10 pack of lessons with dee: £480

***new students - get your first lesson with dee for just £48!


private lessons: prices (2-to-1 lessons)

3 pack of lessons with dee: £120 per student

5 pack of lessons with dee: £175 per student

10 pack of lessons with dee: £300 per student


****dawne does not currently offer 2-to-1 lessons.


please keep in mind when purchasing a package that we will be closed for half-term from 28 october - 1 november 2019 and for winter holidays from 21 december - 4 january 2020

please note the expiration of your purchase. for the avoidance of doubt, all single lesson purchases must be used within 1 month, 5 lesson packages in 2 months and 10 lesson packages in 3 months.

additional terms and conditions apply. please make sure you have read and understand our policies before you make you purchase and book your place.


private lessons: how to book online

  1. select either “1-to-1 lesson with dawne” or “1-to-1 / 2-to-1 lesson with dee”

  2. select an available day/time for your practice

    1. choose “continue” if you only want to book 1 lesson

    2. choose “add a time” if you want to book more than 1 or “recurring” if you want to book even more

  3. add your info (name / phone / email)

  4. select “complete appointment”

  5. purchase your lesson. please remember that we require payment more than 24hr in advance to confirm your lesson.

    1. you can use our online payment system to purchase your lessons with dawne

    2. if you are booking a lesson with dee, she will be in touch to arrange payment and confirm your lesson.

If you purchased a package before 1 September using our previous booking system - don’t worry, your purchase has been transferred to our new system. Please book your lessons as described above or send us a message on Whatsapp to schedule any remaining lessons.