The Beginner System: 11-14 January 2019

The Beginner System: 11-14 January 2019


Our Beginner System workshop includes all of the exercises and apparatus used in the beginner classical system.  

Led by instructor, Dawne Likhodedova, this workshop is required for our comprehensive and apprentice learners, but is also open to teachers from outside our programme who may want to up-skill or brush up on classical techniques.

In addition to the choreography, purpose and order and transitions of the exercises in the beginner system, you will learn:

  • exercise regressions, common modifications,

  • equipment set-up, safety and maintenance,

  • hands on teaching techniques and assists,

  • instructor safety

Pre-requisites:  This workshop is required for our apprentice teachers and open to comprehensively trained teachers from other programmes

Daily Schedule:

  • Friday 11 January 9am- 5:30pm 

  • Saturday 12 January 9am-5:30pm

  • Sunday 13 January 9am-5:30pm

  • Monday 14 January 9am-5:30pm

Note: We will have a 1hr break for lunch each day from 12:30pm-1:30pm.  


  • £350

  • Included in apprenticeship fee for our apprentices

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booking policy

  1. This workshop is held at our studio in Egham.

  2. Places in our workshops are booked on a first-come-first-served basis, meaning your registration is only confirmed once payment is received.  

cancellation policy / refunds

  1. If we receive your cancellation more than 30 days from the workshop start date, you will receive a full refund, minus a £60 administration fee.

  2. If we receive your cancellation more than 7 days from the workshop start date, you will receive a half refund, less a £60 administrative fee.

  3. A no show on the day results in NO refund and the course / workshop charged in full.

  4. In the event of a course / workshop cancellation, bePilates is not responsible for any hotel/airline reservations or transportation costs.

  5. bePilates reserves the right to cancel any course/workshop, in which case any fees paid will be refunded in full.

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  1. bePilates cannot guarantee specific equipment will be available for your workshop unless expressly advertised.  

  2. Your workshop is intended to help you deepen your understanding of the practice and teaching of pilates. There will be times when you are observing, being asked to demonstrate or to practice your teaching skills with other attendees or being taught to. Your registration implies that you are happy to participate in all workshop activities.

  3. Your purchase confirms your place on this specific workshop and fees cannot be transferred to other workshops/courses at bePilates. If you need to cancel or change your registration, the cancellation policies above apply.


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