"Dawne is a teacher's teacher, with that rare combination of a wealth of knowledge and the patience and professionalism to impart that information to all that come to her studio." - eb

dawne is available for 1-to-1, 2-to-1 and beginner group courses. 

1-to-1 lessons with dawne

beginner group courses with dawne

our autumn 2018 group courses have all started for this year.

our next cycle of beginner courses will start january 2019.

registration is now open.

Open studio training with dawne

if you’ve already completed a beginner course with us or a course of 1-to-1 lessons, we are happy to announce new open studio sessions starting january 2019.

teachers classes

already a comprehensively trained pilates teacher? dawne runs monthly teachers classes to help you focus on your own practice.

dawne likhodedova

about me: dawne likhodedova

I'm a pilates teacher, studio owner, world traveller and curious student of life.  It makes me happy to help people move better and feel great.  I teach pilates because it works.  

You can usually find me at my new studio in Surrey (opening August 2018!) or by appointment in London.  My students are celebrities, high-level athletes, fellow teachers and advanced pilates practitioners, as well as those who consider themselves just normal people wanting to improve their fitness with pilates or strengthen post injury.  

I have presented teacher training courses and workshops internationally and have been invited to studios around the world to help them develop their own in-house training programmes and protocols.   

For a bit more of a formal recent-history of my pilates life, in addition to opening my studio in central London (2012),  I was Faculty with Balanced Body (2014-2018) and Co-Chaired the Pilates Method Alliance UK Chapter at its inception (2014-2015).  

My background includes both classical and contemporary styles of pilates.  I have been very fortunate to have worked with many amazing teachers, coaches and mentors throughout a lifetime of sport and dance who have all shaped my style of teaching.  I have studied extensively with Mejo Wiggin, who continues to influence my approach to classical pilates.

In addition to pilates, as an ex-professional dancer and athlete, how we make and commit to healthy lifestyles are topics of interest for me and am currently completing training as a health and wellness coach. 

My own pilates practice takes me into studios all around the world to learn more about how I move and how to get the most out of the method for me. I hope my teaching helps you do the same.