If you lift weights, run marathons, play golf or sit at a desk for long hours everyone can benefit from spinal mobility, core strength, improved balance and posture with pilates. Professional athletes from different disciplines are already taking advantage of the benefits of a strong pilates practice, including Andy Murray, David Boudia, Tiger Woods and Jason Kidd- to name just a few.

“With body, mind, and spirit functioning perfectly as a coordinated whole, what else could reasonably be expected other than an active, alert, disciplined person?”

J. Pilates

5 Reasons Pilates is Great for Men:

  1. It increases overall strength and core stability for improved sports performance.

  2. It reduces the frequency and severity of injuries.

  3. It increases flexibility, stretches out tense muscles and improves the movement in joints.

  4. It promotes better movement coordination and corrects body alignment.

  5. It reduces stress and creates better mental focus.

Pilates is perfect for men of all fitness levels from the not-active-at-all to the performance sportsmen or weekend warrior, as it can be adapted easily to your needs and physical limitations. 

Pilates practitioner at bePilates studio.

Pilates practitioner at bePilates studio.


The best way to learn about all of the benefits of pilates is to experience it! Visit our classical pilates studio in Egham- our experienced teachers will show you how you can use pilates to achieve your own goals. 


Great news! If you decide to start your practice in December you can take advantage of our special offer: all 1-to-1 lessons purchased and used between 1st and 21st December are £50! 

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