A good post-natal workout will help you to relax and restore energy.  Exercise has also been shown to minimize symptoms of postnatal depression.  With the controlled movements of the pilates method, emphasizing correct joint alignment, you will see improvements in posture, strength and lumbopelvic stability.  It is no wonder that doctors, GPs and midwives around the world recommend pilates to repair your body from the efforts of carrying and delivery!

Before you get started in any workout post-delivery, you will want to get clearance from a medical professional. In addition, choosing the right (qualified and experienced) pilates teacher and studio is crucial for supporting your efforts in getting back to health and pre-pregnancy shape.


A classical pilates workout goes beyond the mat, with spring resistance and assistance of equipment paired with targeted exercises to help you recover from pregnancy and delivery. Starting out with 1-to-1 lessons and the focused attention of an experienced teacher will provide you with the support your changing body needs and challenge you when appropriate, for noticeable results.

A classical pilates workout will help you to:

  • recover and strengthen core muscles (including the deep abdominals, deep back and pelvic floor muscles), 

  • repair diastasis recti (abdominal separation), 

  • improve upper body posture making you look taller and leaner,

  • counteract “new-mum-posture” from feeding/lifting/carrying, and 

  • relaxes, release mental stress and restores confidence.

To welcome new-mums to our new studio in Egham, Dee is offering an “Introductory Pack” of two 1-to-1 lessons at the discounted price of £100 (regular price £130) until the end of this year. 

So, if you’re a new-mum, set some time aside for yourself and get in touch with Dee at deerawlinspilates@gmail.com (or visit dee’s website).

She will be happy to help you start feeling more like your old-self and maybe a little stronger :)


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