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Improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and posture with the classical pilates method.    

We offer 1-to-1, 2-to-1 lessons, masterclasses, beginner group courses and open studio training.

We believe that everyone can benefit from a strong pilates practice.


Enjoy 1-to-1 lessons for just £50 when you book and take your lessons between 1 and 21 December!

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Our Autumn 2018 Group Courses have all started for this year. Our next cycle of Beginner Courses will start January 2019. registration is now open.

teacher training

Our apprenticeship programme is designed as an intensive (18-24 months) course of study for those who want to master the classical method of pilates and maintain the integrity of the original method created by Joseph H. Pilates.  

 You will receive a solid understanding of the classical pilates system and the smooth transitions that offer a rhythmic, fluid and focused workout that improves strength, flexibility and endurance.  You will learn how to use the classical method to progress a practice, how to be an effective hands-on instructor and how to modify exercises in the method to provide transformative, level appropriate workouts to a variety of students.

Whether you are looking to strengthen post-injury, cross-train for your favourite sport or just find a fun and challenging workout to help you get and stay fit, classical pilates can get you there. 

We would be happy to show you how.



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our address

31A and 33A, the Precinct

Egham High Street

Surrey TW20 9HN

Phone:  020 7935 1315




egham high street has restricted access for vehicles and is pedestrianised for most of the day. 

we recommend the following pay and display lots, which are only a short distance from the studio:

Tesco Superstore (TW20 9BD)

Waitrose (TW20 9HZ)